Frequently Asked Questions


What is Straight Teeth Invisible?

Straight Teeth invisible is a platform that connects directly the consumer at home to online Orthodontists enabling the consumer to get a cosmetic teeth straightening treatment at a 70% lower cost than the clinics.
It is a completely new way to straighten teeth; with no visits to the dentist.
Using 3D scanning of your impression and 3D printing, we deliver aligners straight to your door.
In the last decade, invisible Orthodontics was considered as a luxurious expensive service available exclusively at clinics. With today’s digital dentistry technology we believe that invisible Orthodontics should be affordable and reachable for everybody. Find more detailed info about the company.

What are Straight Teeth Invisible Aligners?

They are a series of customised BPA-free plastic invisible aligners designed to fit perfectly in your mouth. You have to wear each aligner for 22 hours per day for 15 days. During your treatment, each aligner will gradually move your upper and lower teeth. Your teeth will shift from their current position (crooked teeth or gaps) into a new aligned position to give you your perfect smile. This product is FDA approved.

At what age can you start wearing straight teeth invisible aligners

Straight Teeth invisible are suitable for all ages over 18, but the patient must have all of their molars fully developed along with their wisdom teeth.

Are crowns or bridges an issue with this treatment?

For a better evaluation of your case, you will be asked to mention if you have implants, bridges, crowns or veneers and submit all the info during the free-consultation phase.

Unfortunately patients with bridges are not eligible for treatment with us as the aligners won’t be as effective due to the bridges making the individual teeth harder to move.

However, patients with crowns are completely eligible for treatment.

Veneers as well are not a problem as long as they are healthy and properly bonded to the teeth.

As for implants, they are not a contraindication for aligners. Just be aware the implant teeth cannot be moved with aligners but natural teeth around can move back into their normal position.

Since having my braces removed, my teeth have shifted. Can this treatment correct this?

Yes it can. We have many patients which have had braces before and this treatment can correct any shifting in your teeth since the braces were removed.

Are there any visits required to a dental office during this treatment?

No not during the treatment. But it is recommended you visit your dentist prior to treatment for a routine dental exam that includes x-rays and evaluation of your teeth and gum health. This evaluation is important to make sure you are eligible for an aligner treatment.

We also ask you to sign consent to treat and a medical history form to make sure you have covered these aspects with your dentist.

How do I know if Straight Teeth Invisible customised aligners are right for me?

To know if aligners are the right treatment for you go to FREE E-Consultation

What are Straight Teeth Invisible Aligners made of?

Straight Teeth Invisible clear aligners are made of a smooth, BPA-free plastic that will not irritate your mouth.

Will I have the chance to see what my expected results will look like after the treatment?

Yes! Once you send us your impressions, we use them to create a specifically tailored treatment plan which is prescribed and monitored by a registered Orthodontist. The treatment plan also includes a 3D model of how your teeth will look at each stage of your treatment.

Do I need to get aligners for the top and bottom teeth if I want only one straightened?

Changes in teeth crowding and spacing affect your bite by causing changes in the way the teeth touch together. To make sure your bite isn’t affected, our dentists like to assess both arches and more often than not treat both arches at the same time to achieve the perfect results for your perfect smile.

How long is the typical treatment process?

The perfect smile takes about 20 weeks to fully complete, depending on the individual case. Each of the aligners in the kit is typically worn for approximately 2 weeks until it’s time to move on to the next set.

How long will it take to receive my aligners?

When we receive your impression we will send you within 10 days your treatment plan. Once you accept your treatment plan and have completed your payment, your aligners will be put into production and should be with you within one month.

Do I need to keep my aligners after I'm done with them?

YES! Please keep all aligners after you have finished the different stages of the treatment. You must keep them in case our Orthodontist suggests you return to a prior stage during the treatment or in case an aligner is lost or broken as you will have to wear the previous aligner until a new one can be sent out.



Get a free E-Consultation by sending 5 photos of your teeth to our orthodontists. You will be informed within 72 hours by our team if your case is eligible to be treated with invisible aligner braces or not.


We will send you an impression kit with instructions and a video so you can do your teeth impressions at home. Send back your teeth impressions to our expert dental team who will create a set of our unique invisible braces that are specially customised for your teeth.


We will send you your invisible customised braces with your 3D treatment plan. Your 3D treatment plan (that shows you the progress of your treatment) is created by our orthodontists who are experts in invisible braces aligners. Each invisible aligner (each stage) is worn for 22 hours a day for two weeks. The aligners will slowly move the teeth into the position that is set in the 3D treatment plan until the final result is reached and your teeth are straightened.

STEP 4: Post-treatment

Once you finish your invisible braces treatment, in order to maintain the position of your straightened teeth, you need to wear your retainer when you can, at night.


How does shipping work?

The Home impression Kit is shipped within days of ordering it and as soon as it leaves our distribution centre you’ll receive a tracking number; it then takes 5 to 21 business days to reach you anywhere in the world; signature is required on delivery.

To return your impressions to the lab you’ll be given an envelope so that you can drop off your parcel at your nearest pick up point.

How long does it take to receive my Home impression Kit?

Your Home Impression Kit will be individually prepared and contain your prepaid printed return label. It will be ready to ship within days of placing your order (can take up to 10 business days, the average is 5 business days).

What if I haven’t received my Home Impression Kit after 2 weeks?

Make sure to check your tracking number and link provided on the day the parcel was shipped. Sometimes the local post office doesn’t update all the moves or doesn’t leave a delivery notice (which isn’t something we can control unfortunately), so make sure to visit your local nearest post office to check if your parcel is not already waiting for you there. Simply go with your tracking number to retrieve it.

How do I return my impressions?

You’ll find an envelope in your Home Impression Kit with instructions on how to find your teeth impressions.

Can I change my address part way through the treatment?

Absolutely! This solution works people on the move and cannot commit to monthly appointments with a local clinic. We ship to multiple locations at no extra cost so you can start your treatment in one country and receive the next batch of aligners in another.

Simply notify your smile coordinator in advance through your account so we can update your address and inform the lab; if in the same country you’ll be able to edit the address through your profile but it’s always a good idea to inform us too.


How much does it cost?

Please check our available payment plans.

Find more detailed info and tips on how to compare braces quotes, you’ll find some insights you won’t read anywhere else here. Learn more


How often must I wear my invisible aligners?

22 hours a day. You should only be taking them out to eat, brush, or floss.

What can I eat or drink with the aligners in?

You can drink water with them but it’s recommended to take them out when you eat or drink anything else to avoid discolouration, damage or distortion that will make them ineffective.

Will I have a lisp or issues to talk?

Most people adapt to the aligners within days of starting to wear them.

Will my teeth hurt me during the treatment?

You will likely experience some discomfort during the first few days of wearing your aligners. This is normal as it is part of the treatment plan. This discomfort means that your aligners are working as they gently move your teeth towards their final position. This soreness should gradually ease after the first few days wearing each new set of aligners.

How long is the typical treatment process?

The typical treatment length for Straight Teeth Invisible aligners is around 5 months. The typical Straight Teeth Invisible customer will receive a series of 10 invisible aligners that need to be changed every 15 days. Some patients will receive slightly more or less aligners. This depends on the degree of teeth straightening required.

Will there be any visits to an orthodontist's clinic during treatment?

There are no visits to the Orthodontist’s office during Straight Teeth Invisible’s aligner treatment plan. From your first assessment, through to the final step of straightening your new smile, Straight Teeth Invisible straightens your teeth from your home!

What happens after my invisible aligner treatment is completed?

In order to protect your new smile you will receive your custom Straight Teeth Invisible retainers for free. Without these retainers your teeth will naturally try to shift back to their original position over time.

What happens if I loose an aligner?

In case you loose your aligner, you simply order a replacement. Your replacement aligner will arrive within 10-15 days of placing the order. During that time we recommend that you wear the previous aligner to ensure that your teeth do not shift back into their original position. To order your replacement aligner, reach out to our customer support.

Do I have to clean my aligners? If yes how?

Yes aligners should be cleaned in order to eliminate saliva which can cause bacteria to form.

  • Rinse with cold water (beware of hot water. Heat could damage the plastic of your aligner and make it ineffective)
  • Brush and floss before each wear.
  • Use antibacterial soap to gently clean your aligners.
  • Soak in clear retainer cleaner or denture cleaner.